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Neon Unicorns on stage


Neon Unicorns emceeing on stage

Your event... elevated.

Our motto: Humor, hospitality, with energy to spare.

Tone and tempo aren't just nice to have, they're vital to an event. You spent the time and money, meticulously planning the perfect event: themed table centerpieces, scrutinized snack selections, and programs beautifully designed and double-checked for grammar. Don't blow it all by skimping on the most important detail - How will you enthrall your audience?

Neon Unicorns are built to:

  • Entertain and engage (skits, jokes, audience interactions all sure to slap)

  • Keep the event momentum with pep and punch (we'll never let the energy get sucked from the room)

  • Connect the crowd with your company, your mission, and your purpose (whether you're educating, celebrating, or fundraising)

Small private event pricing starts at $2495 (non-profit discount available)

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