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Corporate Trainings

Learning doesn't have to suck

Trainings that entertain.

They say "content is king" and when it comes to professional development, curriculum certainly matters. The dirty little secret--it's all pretty much the same stuff sliced differently, repackaged with new buzzwords, and backed by the author of the month. Don't get us wrong, it's all gold, but even the most thought-provoking content can glaze eyes and hatch yawns if it's not delivered dynamically.

Truth is, most trainings receive poor feedback not because of the merit of the content but because of its delivery. Reels, TikToks and digital shorts have fried our attention spans. If the presentation isn't insightful and engaging you might as well throw up a YouTube how-to video and hit the lights.  


Neon Unicorn Promise: Whether it's our customizable trainings (listed below) or specialized curriculum built for your company we pride ourselves in not only delivering research-backed content but ensuring eyes are wide, interests are piqued, and the laughs are loud. Invest in your employees' growth by investing in training that sticks.


Pricing starts at $1,895 (non-profit discount available)   

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