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Neon Unicrorns - Eric Piela & Kurtis Karn

Trainings that engage. Events that captivate.


A Different Kind of Bright


We're all tired of the same old, same old. Stiff hosts, snoozer script readings, and the same lame shticks. Whether it's a community event, a corporate conference, or a non-profit gala mainstage energy is paramount. With dozens of both large and small event-hosting gigs under our belt, we promise to keep your audience captivated and breathe a little different into your next event.  


We might be biased, but there's nothing worse than a well intentioned employee training that tragically falls flat on its face. Boring lecture-style delivery, fluff with no actionable takeaways, or a slow death by slide decking - you've experienced it all. Professional development doesn't need to suck. Our dynamic delivery of research grounded content keeps them laughing while learning.


If "other duties as assigned" was a side hustle, this is pretty much it. Music videos, event hype, etc. we're here for it all. Got an idea, we'll help bring it to life. Don't got an idea, we'll help ideate. We're here to help shake up your next event, campaign, or bar mitzvah. Yeah, this one's a bit out there, so you'll just have to trust us (or start by asking us).   

Eric Piela & Kurtis Karn
Neon Unicorns


Spoiler alert. We're not actually neon unicorns. That's just a metaphor. Truth is, we're just two middle-aged dads who got fed up suffering through boring events and poorly delivered company trainings. One day we decided to see what would happen if we put our work experience (in HR and Marketing) and over-the-top extroverted personalities to good use. What if we could flip the script with something fresh? What if we provided a "different kind of bright?"

The laughter of the crowd. The "light bulb" moment in a training. The inspired connection between your mission and your community. 


That's our jam. It's what success looks like for us but more importantly, for you.  




Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commernce
United Way of Cass Clay
RDO Equipement
Great North Pole
Border States logo
Concordia College
North Dakota SHRM


"In the world of emceeing, the Neon Unicorns are the undisputed unicorns of the stage. Their dynamic presence, infectious enthusiasm, and ability to keep the audience engaged from start to finish elevate our events to new heights. Eric and Kurtis do not just bring professionalism; they bring an authentic understanding of the FMWF community, infusing our events with a touch of local charm that resonates with our diverse member base."

Nicolette Bresnahan

VP of Events & Programs, FMWF Chamber of Commerce

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